This Past Life Regression session in Brooklyn, NY is a great gift you can give yourself or people you love.

Past Life Regression in Brooklyn isa  “Spiritual Regression” method which is conducted by Lina Shlonsky, Board Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner.  You can require key ideas for exploration, prior to the session. After your session you will be able to deeply understand some dilemmas that are holding you back now, which will consequently lead you to self-discovery and self- development.

Sometimes, Past Life Spiritual Regression may include Life Between Lives Regression and In-Utero or Womb Regression.  With these techniques you can gain some of the most powerful and insightful moments.  This will help you understand yourself better, realize your life purpose, and connect with people around you in a much deeper sense.

There are many paths to self-discovery.  Past Life Regression Therapy  helps access your soul memory.  This is a dynamic and highly personalized process guided by your Higher Self and facilitated by the Past Life Regression therapist.  Past life journeys are breakthrough experiences that deepen your perception of life’s true purpose and soul’s lessons.

People may explore a past life to help them grasp some of the issues that they are being faced with in this lifetime.  Most of the times, there is a connection, or a pattern of behavior, that has its roots in another time and in another place.

It is always an amazing experience to explore and figure out. In most sessions our clients are feeling like they are relieving the events. They feel as if the fire is burning, like the rain is wet and presumably, the smells of the plants or foods are very vivid.

Experiencing Past Life Regression in Brooklyn will present to you a larger picture of your current situation.  It provides powerful and transformative realizations.  You may find yourself with a choice of bringing back valuable lessons and skills learned in that past life, into the present one.

And, perhaps just as valuable, giving yourself the opportunity to release promises or agreements made in another time that no longer serve you.  It is these unique insights about your life’s purpose that are unmatched by any other experience.

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