Brooklyn Self Hypnosis training

With Brooklyn Self-Hypnosis training you can drastically change your life for better.

Would you like the possibility of reaping the benefits of hypnosis from the comforts of your home? You can! It’s completely possible through Self-Hypnosis.

Want to earn more money?

How about losing weight?

Have bad habits you would like to break?

Wish to change negative thinking?

How about gaining self-confidence?

Hypnosis is the ideal solution for all of the above and more; although, some people don’t have the time, money, or simply do not feel comfortable discussing certain issues with a professional hypnotherapist. That’s okay!

With Self-Hypnosis training, you can work on a myriad of issues in your own time, as often as you need, and where ever you wish.

Self-Hypnosis is also an ideal tool to enhance the work of regular hypnotherapy sessions conducted by a professional Hypnotherapist. The results are profoundly amazing!

Learn from the PROS!

Private training in Self-Hypnosis is now available at Parts Hypnotherapy.   It is much easier to learn and remember the techniques while in the hypnotic state.  Therefore, your Hypnotherapist will gently guide you into a relaxed, altered state of consciousness, giving you a higher level of awareness.

Throughout the process, the hypnotherapist will teach you techniques to relax the body and quiet the mind. You will also learn breathing techniques that will further help you to relax and clear your mind.

During the session, your hypnotherapist will work with you to create positive affirmations to encourage the beneficial change. It is best that you come prepared knowing exactly what you wish to work on.

You will leave the session armed with many tools, so that you can effectively perform self-hypnosis, including an mp3 recording of the script.

Self-Hypnosis works by bypassing the limits and restrictions of the conscious mind and tapping directly into the subconscious. The subconscious is where our scripts are stored. We all have these scripts, which affect the way we respond in daily life and to many events.

This is why many of us get stuck in the same patterns of behavior, no matter how destructive they may be. It doesn’t have to be that way! Through Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis training, you can rewrite the scripts, so that you respond in a more positive manner.

Imagine being able to profoundly create positive change in your life.

With Self Hypnosis training in Brooklyn you can:

  • Gain self-esteem
  • Break bad habits
  • Change negative thinking patterns
  • End sleepless nights – have better, deeper sleep
  • Stop bad dreams to occur
  • Let go of unnecessary fears
  • Break free of the obstacles that hold you back from success
  • And, much more!

Self-Hypnosis training is an invaluable self-development tool that you can use anytime, at any place, in any situation, at any age.

Do you wish for self-development, but lack the time for regular hypnotherapy sessions?

No worries: call Hypnotherapy and Meditation and set up a session to learn Self-Hypnosis today!

Whether you wish to enhance your regular hypnotherapy sessions or merely work on personal issues from the comfort of your own home, having this exceptional tool will put you on the fast track to success!

You don’t have to feel stuck any more; change is just a phone call away.

Call Hypnotherapy and Meditation and say hello to a brighter day! (347) 377-0012